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How to work with KINTATTOO together?

What we should do

Quality products will be sponsored and shipped

We will provide products free of charge according to the products that need to be promoted. In addition to the products sold on the website, kintattoo will also provide the corresponding peripheral products as authoritative certification according to the promotion needs.

sponsorship of 6 boxes of tattoo needles

Since this is the first cooperation, we will first send 6 boxes of commonly used configurations, and if both parties work well together, this will be followed by a larger quantity of support.
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What you should do

Review & brand promotion video& iamges need creating

1. Unboxing video introducing the product
2. Avideo of the tattoo being performed with our needle(post at least 3 videos on Instagram)
3. Photos of your creations and products(post at least 5 photos on Instagram)
4. Tag us on your Instagram/TT/FB/youtube
5. post a photo or video of you working on your tattoo with our machine on your Instagram to make us a collaborator and keep it forever.

To -Do- Lists for Artists

Here are To-do-lists that artists need to complete based on below suggested time flow to support KINTATTOO promotion & development on social media after receiving sponsored products.
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Increase your revenue

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The KINTATTOO® brand has a great reputation. Trusted by thousands of tattoo artists around the world Makes your promotion easier and doubles your reach.

Create New Career Peaks

High commission(at least 10%) offered to brand co-promotion to your deligence.
Get paid for each successful referral, there is no referral limit and it is a lifetime vesting.

to do list for artists

Time Flow To Do Lists Requests
Within 3 days
Unboxing video
One video with at least 1min to show sponsored products and create posts on all social media and @ KINTATTOO official account
Within one week
Selfie with Sponsored product
At least 3 images of wearing T-Shirt & Putting sponsored cartridge with table cloth and @KINTATTOO official
From second week to next cooperation period
Two working videos plus two pictures every week
Two working videos and two pictures with different nice artworks while using sponsored products and @KINTATTOO official

Terms & Conditions

We congratulate you are going to be one crucial sponsored tattoo artists of the KINTATTOO PRO TEAM,  before that, we need to enter into an agreement on a partnership and require you to check and then agree to below terms and conditions carefully.

KINTATTOO will determine the cooperation period with artists according to the artists’ response rate and cooperation willingness, and here are 3 different periods that we will work with artists.

Primary Cooperation:3 Months

Upgraded Cooperation: 6 Months

Stable Cooperation: 12 Months

Longer cooperation period represents that artists better support KINTATTOO brand promotion, and we will give it back according by sponsoring more items, which will be subject to the above “Sponsored Term”.

KINTATTOO requires artists to follow its official accounts on social media and co-promote its brand awareness with artists’ on all influential platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, VK, and Twitter. Personal web etc.

KINTATTOO requires artists especially those who have their own YOUTUBE channel and personal web to register KINTATTOO AFFILIATE PROGRAM on its web, and artists need to create tattooing material (like videos, images, and articles) by using the corresponding sponsored products and send them back to KINTATTOO on a regular basis. Please check the specific requests via the above “Sponsored Term”.

As KINTATTOO’s sponsored artist, KINTATTOO has right to use any of your artworks(like videos, images and articles) finished by sponsored products. Those who work well with KINTATTOO will be granted a unique “Authorization” with unique certificated code and will have the preferential opportunity to try out KINTATTOO latest Launch.

KINTATTOO has the right to determine how to work with artists as well as determine the sponsored products quantity and cooperation period and so on. KINTATTOO will confirm with artists the so called “Sponsored Term” and reserve the right to update and adjust the TERM Artists can contact KINTATTOO for any questions about the TERM within the cooperation period. Once violating or disobeying the TERM, KINTATTOO will permanently cancel the cooperation without any hesitation.

The TERM will come into effect once artists sign their names and send the document back, and KINTATTOO will re-confirm and sign the TERM with artists if the Cooperation period expired.

Remark: All terms and conditions are subject to final interpretation by KINTATTOO official.


At the beginning, we will send 6 boxes of different sizes for you to test. When the cooperation between the two parties is satisfactory, We will provide 20 boxes of needlesper quarter and one extra tattoo machine in the later period.

  • kintattoo IG will promote your works and influence for you
  • Joint promotion with other kintattoo sponsored tattoo artists
  • High commission(at least 10%) offered to brand co-promotion to your deligence. 

  • Provide officially certified tablecloths and T-shirt as an authoritative certification of kintattoo sponsorship.

  • Your Personal profile will be dispalyed on KINTATOO official web.


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